COUNTER TOP WARRANTY ( 1 YEAR) Residential One Year Warranty

OK GRANITE LTD warrants to you, the owner of the original installation of Natural Granite Countertop, that upon the following terms and conditions, OK GRANITE LTD, at its option, will repair or replace, without charge, your Natural Granite Countertops, provided that OK GRANITE LTD determines that the product has failed due to any defect in fabrication or installation during the first year from the installation date. The warranty does not cover damage caused by physical, chemical or other abuse, normal wear and tear, and acts of nature, scratches or chips.

General Residential Warranty Terms and Conditions

This warranty applies only to Natural Granite Countertops fabricated and installed by OK GRANITE LTD.

This warranty applies to installations of Natural Granite Countertops that have been permanently installed in residential residences for countertop usage and that have not been moved from the original, permanent installation. This warranty does not apply to any other installations of granite.

This warranty applies to Natural Granite Countertops purchased from and installed by OK GRANITE LTD after January 1, 2010, for owner-occupied residences only.

To obtain service under this limited warranty, you must contact OK GRANITE LTD at 403-973-9550. To qualify for repair or replacement, you must provide the original OK GRANITE LTD sales receipt clearly showing both the date of purchase and the date the installation was performed by OK GRANITE LTD. You must permit an OK GRANITE LTD authorized agent to inspect the installation of the product. You will reasonably cooperate with OK GRANITE LTD in its efforts to perform its obligations under this warranty. All decisions about defects in the fabrication or installation shall be made by OK GRANITE LTD and communicated to you in a timely manner. Whether OK GRANITE LTD performs repair or replacement of your installation, we will seek to obtain the best possible result. Since Granite is created by nature, exact color match to the originally installed Granite cannot be guaranteed.

If during or after installation, you decide that you do not approve of the material you selected or the natural color variations and veining of your installation, replacement is not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not cover the natural characteristics of stone, which include but are not limited to, color variations, water lines, fissures or surface pits and blemishes.

A courtesy seal is applied to all OK GRANITE LTD Natural Stone Countertops at the time of installation. It is recommended that the consumer apply or have applied a long lasting seal within 3 months of the original installation and once every 12 months thereafter. Natural stone is porous and may therefore result in staining. Food or liquid stains, damage caused by chemicals or physical use or abuse are expressly excluded within this warranty.

This warranty shall be null and void unless the Natural Granite Countertops have been paid for in full.

To qualify for coverage under this warranty, you should maintain the countertop in accordance with the OK GRANITE LTD Natural Granite Countertop Care and Maintenance Guide provided free of charge at the time of installation or upon request to OK GRANITE LTD.

This warranty covers seam performance but not the appearance of the seam. Seam failure due to settling or structural issues unrelated to the countertop installation, are not covered.

This warranty does not cover use of products for “commercial” uses, uses of products exposed to outside weather and climate conditions, abnormal use or conditions, or abuse in any way. “Commercial use” includes, but is not limited to, use in a store, office or other place of business. “Abnormal use or conditions” includes, but is not limited to, damage from mishandling or misuse, damage from excessive heat or uneven exposure to weather conditions, physical or chemical abuse, and damage from ordinary wear and tear or improper care and maintenance. . Improper care of Natural Granite Countertops may result in staining, scratches or chips. In addition, this warranty will not cover damage from vandalism, use of improper cleaning solutions or damage from the dropping of heavy objects on the countertop.

OK GRANITE LTD is not responsible for damage or injury caused in whole or in part by acts of God, job site conditions, architectural and engineering design, structural movement or settling, acts of vandalism, or accidents.

OK GRANITE LTD’s obligation under this warranty is limited solely to the repair or replacement of the countertop including necessary labor charges needed to repair or replace the Natural Granite Countertops covered by this warranty. OK GRANITE LTD will repair any area of the installation that is determined by OK GRANITE LTD to be defective. OK GRANITE LTD will pay for the cost of the product, labor involved in the removal and replacement of the original installation of the OK GRANITE LTD Natural Granite Countertops only and for plumbing and electrical disconnect and reconnect charges to the extent determined necessary by OK GRANITE LTD. You will be responsible for any other costs associated with or arising out of the repair or replacement. Should OK GRANITE LTD elect to replace your Natural Granite Countertop installation, your warranty will continue from the original date of installation and not from the date of repair or replacement.

Except as provided in this limited warranty, OK GRANITE LTD shall not be liable in either tort or contract for any loss of direct, consequential or incidental damages arising out of the use or inability to use the product in residential applications covered by this warranty. OK GRANITE LTD makes no other warranty, representation or guarantee, express or implied, with respect to its products, except as expressly stated herein.

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